Are you trying to think of something nice to prepare for a special meal for a loved one on Valentine’s Day?

The answer to this question, as with many meal questions, is:  The Instant Pot!

My dear daughter is JUST about engaged…they are planning a summer of 2019 wedding, even though there is not a ring on her hand yet. Living where we do in gorgeous northern Michigan means that  venues are booked years in advance so we want to get a head start on planning and preparing and dresses and magazines and tours of places and, oh-my-word a wedding! We are very excited.

My daughter said to me last night, “What can I do for Valentines Day that is super nice, but, in case he will propose that night, not TOO much?”, and that question really got me thinking…what would be a nice menu for a special night for two, but, given that the day in question is midweek – on a Wednesday this year – easy to prepare, even doing some of it ahead of time?  The answer to this question, as with many meal questions, is:  The Instant Pot!

We all know that there are 8,467,289,301 recipes for the Instant Pot living on the internet right now. How do you ferret out the best ones, especially for a special dinner? I would be happy to help you with that…here are some that are worth looking into:

Appetizer Course

Lobster Bisque from Jeffrey at Pressure Luck, cooking the lobster and then the easy soup in the Instant Pot

Hot Onion Dip with vegetables from This Old Gal

Main Course

Shrimp Creole from Instantly Delicious – fast, easy, and just fancy enough

Chicken Tikka Masala from Wholesomelicious is an exotic yet quick way to impress your love….

Dessert Course

These both can be made ahead, even by a couple of days, making that last minute rush a little easier.

Valentine’s Day Cheesecake for Two from This Mama Loves

Chocolate Lava Cakes from our own blog/show!

If you carefully plan your shopping lists and make some of the dishes ahead of time, there is not reason why you cannot use the Magic Pot to help you get a lovely meal ready quickly, and rather easily. Set the table, open a nice bottle of wine, light the candles and voila! Happy Valentines Day!



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