Once we had perfected our pressure cooker bags, our team set our minds to designing a fabulous bag for the slow cookers in your life…

seriously, who does not have at least one slow cooker?

And, some people, like my mom, are highly unlikely to adopt the new-fangled electric pressure cookers – she does not like change, but she does love to cook with her Crock Pot, and she wanted a bag for her cooker, too!

So, we did our research. We measured, looked at lids and locks, talked about fabric and straps and all about how could we design a better bag than anything out there…and then the fun began. Drawings went back and forth to and from the factory. The first prototype was sent to us to try out, and to try to destroy. We feel that part of our quality control is that we have to do everything to a bag that someone out in the real world would or could do. We try to rip the seams and we write on the fabric and we try to break and bother every little thing we can find…and then we make any changes we need to, based on our findings.

The best feature of this bag, and the one we are the most proud of, is the unique inner strap system designed to firmly hold the lid of the slow cooker in place. With this feature, cookers and lids of many different sizes and shaped can be held snugly and safely within the bottom chamber of the bag, allowing the owner to easily transport even hot foods with our bag!

The result is one fantastic slow cooker bag!

The front pocket is very roomy and can hold cookbooks or accessories. But, just like with our pressure cooker bag, the top pocket is very handy…utensils, ingredients, spices, hot pads or mitts, plates and napkins…anything you need to take with you can be stored in the top zippered chamber.

Actually, this might be my favorite bag of our whole line! I love the size and the shape and the fact that you could pack for a family vacation in it, it is so roomy! I love the strap system and know that it is the best one out there for taking a slow cooker with you when you go…to a picnic, in your RV, camping, to your lake house…wherever you would have need of a slow cooker, you need to have this bag to take it, tote it, and keep it safe!



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