Who does not love a nice compliment every now and then?

We are happy when our customers are happy. Each day or so we go on to Amazon and check to see what people are saying about our Quick and Carry Bags for the Instant Pot and other electric pressure cookers. We are always gratified by the nice things our customers have to say about our bags!

“These carriers seem to be very well made and have roomy storage space for the pot and multiple accessories. They can also be compressed for easy storage when not in use.”

“Nice tote. Well made and designed–a place for everything and everything in it’s place.”

“Really nice. Fits my Instant Pot 6 qt. Accessories including glass lid will fit in the top. The manuals fit in outside pocket. QuaIity sewn, nice zips. I am pleased.”

“Love this bag, it’s actually padded more than you think, it will keep my instant pot safe. You also could use this for more than just your instant pot, so many things you could transport in this bag and the price is awesome for the quality of the bag!”

“This bag is an excellent option for traveling. We travel in our RV and it makes packing up all the accessories and instant pot easier.”

Not every comment is a glowing one – some people don’t like that the bag does not collapse all the way down, and one person did not think the padding was thick enough. We take that constructive criticism very seriously and make changes to our designs when we can. The next iteration of the bag had stronger padding on the sides, which just made our bags even better! So, please know that if you leave a comment for us on our Amazon page, we are paying attention and taking your comments to heart.

We are committed to making sure that our bag is the best bag out there!

Here is one we are looking at right now:
“Nice quality bag to store and carry my 6 quart Instant Pot rather than keep putting it back in the box for safe keeping.
My only complaint is there needs to be some type of hard siding in the lower portion of the bag to stabilize it. I say this because if you put accessories (steamer baskets, extra sealing rings, trivet, etc) in the top compartment it collapses on it and makes it hard to get the Instant Pot out without unloading the top zippered compartment.
Great product that will be better with a few minor adjustments for Generation 2.”
We are working with our team to address all design and manufacturing problems that we know about, and we are committed to making sure that our bag is the best bag out there!
Note:  Our thanks to Urvashi Pitre for sending us this photo of the back of her car as she prepared to go teach an Instant Pot cooking class based on her cookbook, Indian Instant Pot Cooking.