“As Julia Child used to say, Bon Appetit”.

If you have ever watched our Live Facebook Quick and Carry Kitchen show, you will know that I end the show by saying, “As Julia Child used to say, Bon Appetit”.

This is my little tribute to one of the great influences on my cooking life, Julia Child. Her cooking show, along with that of the Galloping Gourmet, is one of my earliest memories, watching on a little black and white television at my grandmother’s house. The movie “Julie and Julia” is one of my favorites, because of the peek we get into the real life of this iconic writer and chef. Now that I have my own cooking show, I have been watching some of Mrs. Child’s old shows and enjoying it immensely. She both educates and entertains, and she makes cooking complicated dishes easy and fun. That is my goal, too…to educate and entertain, and to make cooking in the Instant Pot easy and fun!

On our show for tomorrow, I will be demonstrating how to make a traditional French dish made popular by Julia Child in both her cookbooks and on her show, Coq Au Vin, or literally Rooster in Wine.

Old farmwives knew that when a rooster was past his prime, his meat would still be very good, especially if it was stewed for a long time in a marinade like wine. So, this is a dish that has been made countless times to use up the old birds. Nowadays, most of us do not have an old rooster in the yard so some delicious chicken from the local butcher will have to do. Combined with pearl onions, mushrooms, herbs and wine, and simmered for long enough to marry the flavors, this makes a lovely and elegant dish for serving a nice meal…and Valentines Day, I am looking at you!

I am putting the link to Julia Child’s cooking show about Coq au Vin here: The French Chef makes Coq au Vin.

It is very much worth the watch, just to see her amazing personality shine through, but also for the information she gives as part of her cooking a recipe.

The recipe for tomorrow will change a little due to being made in the Instant Pot, but, I think the flavors and the history of the dish will shine through and make Julia proud.

Bon Appetit!





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