If you are following along with the story of how much of the information out there about the Instant Pot is true, correct, wrong, terribly misleading…there is more today, on Today.com!

How much of the information out there about the Instant Pot is true, correct, wrong, terribly misleading….

Doing my usual scan of all things Instant Pot everyday, I came across this article that made cringe…it is so wrong that they need to correct it!

Here is the article called “Popcorn, Jams, and More: 7 Surprising Things You Can Do With Your Instant Pot.

If you read the “From Frozen to Fabulous” section, you will know instantly what the problem is…yes, that pun was intended.

The entire point of having an Instant Pot is that you CAN put raw, frozen meat into it and less than an hour later, you can have dinner! That is WHY zillions of people have ordered and use these magic pots – it is because you don’t have to thaw the meat out before hand, you can throw it in and cook it while you are helping the kids with their homework.

So, I fired off a very nice letter to the people over at Today.com. I told them about us, Quick and Carry, and our bags and our show and that we do know quite a bit about cooking with these babies…even provided links to our shows, so they know we take this pretty seriously!

Just like with DigitalTrends.com from yesterday’s post, whom I have not heard back from, by the way, I wonder if I will hear back from a real live person at Today.com. I hope so!

These sort of mistakes are easy to make if you don’t actually really cook with the Instant Pot, or other electric pressure cooker. But, if someone is going to write about the IP, there are tons of recipes that can be read, and shows that can be watched, and information on the InstantPot.com site…trust me, there is plenty of good information out there on how to properly use the device.

Bad advice or just wrong information can lead to people being frustrated with the pot, ruining food, being left with ordering pizza for dinner, etc. None of it is a super big deal, but I would not want anyone to read these articles and make up their minds about the cooker based on info that is just plain wrong.


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