Here in the Great White North, it is still NOT spring! We have a LOT of snow, and so we still want warm and comforting food, like soups.

Here is a list of Quick and Carry’s Five Favorite Soups in case you need warming, too!

Vegan Lentil Chili in the Instant Pot – Eating healthy and eating delicious used to be a rare combination…not all the food that was good for you was tasty! Things have changed and this yummy comfort food chili is a fine example. Making the chili in an electric pressure cooker also makes the recipe simple and easy.

The red lentils break down well under pressure and provide a lovely soft base for the stronger brown lentils and all the veggies. You end up with a thick and rich plant based stew. For those people trying to eat a plant-based diet or those of us just trying to cut down on meat, a substantive vegan chili will mean you won’t miss the meat at all. This chili is very filling and the lentils give it a wonderful texture. Because it is made in the Instant Pot, the textures of the lentils are perfect. One of the very best things about the Instant Pot is that the pressure and heat together work magic on certain foods, revealing their excellent texture.

Zuppa Toscana in the Instant Pot – This has become a go to staple meal at my house, and I find myself craving this delicious soup. A riff on the popular Olive Garden soup, there are now many variations of this recipe floating around the internet, but this one, modified a little by me (who cannot just leave a recipe alone!), has become a favorite.

Using the coconut milk raises some questions for folks that have never cooked with it before…always buy the full-fat coconut milk, not cream, in the can, and when you open the can, the thick and rich cream of the coconut will be at the top. CAREFULLY poke a knife or fork through that, as the rest of the liquid, which is separated, is down at the bottom of the can. If any recipe only uses part of the can, you will have to shake it before opening or pour the whole thing into a bowl and whisk it all back together. Using coconut milk imparts only a very subtle coconut flavor to the foods you put it in, and, typically in a dish like this, with lots of spice and flavor, no one will know it is coconut milk and not heavy whipping cream.

Mexican Chicken Soup – Also known as Tortilla Soup – This flavorful Mexican soup is quick to make and very flavorful! Serve with tortilla chips, avocado, salsa, cilantro and some limes to squeeze for that extra touch of brightness. Using the Instant Pot makes this soup a breeze to make, and because you can tailor the toppings, everyone goes away happy and full.

Nordstrom’s Tomato Soup in the Instant Pot – A classic soup from the restaurants of the classy story, many women of a certain age remember going shopping with their mothers or grandmothers, and then having lunch at the store. Jill over at This Old Gal gets the credit for making this Instant Pot friendly. Easy, delicious, and perfect for that day when you want a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup – this is WAY better then what come in the can!

Pat’s Potato Soup – Pat is my mom and we all think our mom makes the best soup or cake or fill-in-the-blank. This really is a fantastic potato soup – not a cheesy one, but oh so flavorful and comforting like crazy. I had to find a way to make this for my dear daughter, who, for health reasons, must eat dairy and gluten free. The instant Pot and a quick blend with the immersion blender and wow – I did it! Brynne told me over and over how close it came to being just like Gramma’s soup – no better compliment than that!

Enjoy trying out the soups we love best, and let us know what you think of these delicious recipes!




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