Confession time.

This one is important!

Could cause HUGE user error!

I post about all things Instant Pot on our Quick and Carry Facebook page MANY times a week. I am always on the lookout for news and articles and recipes and videos to share with our Quick and Carry Family. I try to read every single word of something before I post it, although I don’t watch every single video all the way to the end, and I have not made every single recipe I repost about…who could do that?

I found this article on Digital Trends page, and I thought I read it fairly well, skimming it over coffee one morning. I do remember a faint queasiness about something not being quite right…the tenth tip they write about states that you can only put the liner in the dishwasher, with no mention of how you CAN put the seal in the dishwasher, top rack.  AND, you also CAN put the lid on the top rack. Instant Pot made these babies to last!

So, that should have warned me to read a little more slowly and with an eye to another tip that might not be correct. But, I had other stuff to do and went on with my work…until the article posted on our Facebook page and two very sharp friends of ours found the errors, and, the other one is a GREAT BIG HUGE DEAL THAT HAS TO BE CORRECTED!

Thanks, Clara and Jody!

Go check out the article and read Tip Four. I will wait.

It states that you must factor in the time the pot needs to come to pressure INTO the time you set on the pot. That is categorically incorrect and will ruin food and wreck your recipes. You DO NOT include that time in any button that you push.

So, while the other items in the article are actually fairly good advice, that one is so wrong that I had to do something about it!

I wrote to the editor of the page, and am waiting to hear back.

I will update this story when I do!

I put this in my letter:

The pot takes a certain amount of time to come to pressure depending a great deal upon the contents of the pot. If things are already hot because you have used the saute function, or, you have warmed everything up, it will take less time than if everything goes in cold and frozen.

Mentally, people who cook with the Instant Pot have to learn to factor that into their planning, but it is not reflected in any setting ON the pot when you set it to cook. 

It really could ruin the experience that especially a new user would have, if they did not know about the little “pot patience” time that you learn about when you get experienced with using your Instant Pot, or other electric pressure cookers.

I for sure will be more careful about reading every tips and tricks post that I put on our page – I have learned my slow-down-and-read-carefully lesson, for sure!


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