The Quick and Carry Kitchen Show team travelled to Leland, Michigan to spend the afternoon of February 23 with Girl Scout Troop 4563. The troop is comprised of Daisy’s, Brownies, and Girl Scouts and is lead by Caroline Schaefer-Hills and Margaret Szajner, although Margaret was unable to be with us that day, so Heather Jewell-Valliere stepped in to assist with the cooking and corralling of 20 little girls!

The scouts were all familiar with the Instant Pot, as they have been learning to cook in them and using them to make their lunches for several meetings. A show of hands revealed that a good number of the girls also have Instant Pots at home.

Our menu for the day was to cook both spaghetti and tomato soup in the Instant Pot, and to share an already prepared Thin Mint Cheesecake. The girls helped with chopping and prep, and helped add ingredients into the Instant Pots.

We had a good discussion about how the Instant Pot works, and all about the safety of using an electric pressure cooker.

The Scouts all stood in line to get their lunch. One young scout declared that this was the best spaghetti she had ever eaten, but she really wished that the plates had been bigger!

The girls all assisted in the clean up after our lunch, and then they walked to Trish’s Dishes in downtown Leland where they were having a cookie sale for the rest of the afternoon.

We had a wonderful time with the Leland Girl Scouts! Thanks for the Troop for inviting us, and thanks to Maxbauers Meats in Traverse City for providing the meat for the spaghetti. We appreciate the support of this community minded business!



  1. Girl Scouts are great! I love my Instant Pot and my Quick and Carry! I know this would have gone with me to our Girl Scout trips. I was a leader for all the years my daughter was in scouting. Thin mints are my favorite cookie. I don’t see the Thin Mint cheesecake recipe on your website. Please share.


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