Is there anyone out there that does NOT know what Weight Watchers is?

Perhaps the oldest of all modern day diet plans, Weight Watchers is iconic for the structure it provides to its adherents, and for its celebrity spokespeople – right now? Oprah!

People go to meetings for education and support, and to weigh in, which some people love and some people hate. Foods are assigned points, and depending on what you weigh and how much you want to lose, you can eat only so many points each day. The whole point is to have a calorie deficit, leading to weight loss.

Weight Watchers was started in 1963 by Jean Nidetch, who wanted some accountability as she struggled to lose weight, so she invited some friends over to her house…and began a movement. Through the years Weight Watchers has grown and changed and morphed with the times, using new nutritional advice as it came along, and changing so much that a dieter now can do the entire program online, and never suffer through a more public weigh in. There are now many products and services offered by this now international company, and their name is synonymous with dieting. Most grocery stores have Weight Watchers branded foods, and the online community has grown to include literally millions of dieters. Weight Watchers is now a publicly traded corporation, with over 25,000 employees. You can even go on a Weight Watchers cruise!

Of course, followers of WW are just as excited about and loyal to the Instant Pot as all the other eaters out there. There are SO MANY cookbooks for the Instant Pot and Weight Watchers! Because there are so many, it is a good idea to ask in the WW forums and the WW Facebook groups for recommendations on which ones are best. The files section of the Facebook groups also have hundreds of recipes and recommendations for reading, plus all the support you would need to stay on plan.

There are also so many websites with compliant recipes and pressure cooker directions that it would be impossible to see them all in a week of reading. Google it and see! The Weight Watchers company website even includes information about weekly meal plans and the Instant Pot!

Bloggers often offer compilation posts that give you a lot of ideas all in one. Here are two that offer WW meals for electric pressure cookers:  All Mommy Wants and Home Pressure Cooking.

The Instant Pot is a wonderful tool for any diet plan. The ease of use and convenience alone makes it appealing to cooks from all walks of life and from all different cooking and eating styles.