Dorm room cooking has come a long way in the last few years, with many colleges and universities offering suites with kitchenettes for college students to use. Many young adults go to school not knowing much about how to feed themselves well – as in nutrition and in taste – so sending them off with the gift of an Instant Pot is a great way to get them on the path to cooking for themselves, economically and deliciously! You could order one of each of these items online, and have them sent right to the student, in their dorm! What a thoughtful and useful gift!

Here are some of the items that will make your gift keep on giving – each of these is a link that will take you right to

  1. Quick and Carry Transport Bag – we designed this awesome bag for two purposes. One is to have a sturdy bag to safely carry your Instant Pot with you wherever you need to take it. The other reason is to keep all the accessories together and organized. Our zippered top section holds all the “stuff” that goes with your pot. For a college student, this means that the IP can be stored in a small space, protecting the IP and keeping it out of the way when one is done using it.


  1. Extra sealing rings – inexpensive but necessary after using the IP for a while.  This set has one for sweet and one for savory cooking.


  1. Silicone Cover – this allows the cook to put the inner pot and its contents in the refrigerator to keep the food fresh. This eliminates the need for another bowl or storage container to do that same job!



  1. Instant Pot Mini Mitts – small but mighty, these “hot pockets” allow safe handling of the hot inner pot when removing from the cooker.


  1. Steaming rack – great for eggs, potatoes, and for keep meats off the bottom of the pot, this is one of the accessories they will use again and again.


There are lots of other extras that a college student might want at some point, but these are the essentials to get them started. The rest of these ideas are to make sure they have the right kind of staples on hand to make a quick meal, easily.


  1. Salt and Pepper – remember these on every gramma’s table? Perfect for a dorm room cook!


6. Olive Oilget them one they can use for a while!


  1. Pasta – a nice assortment of both spaghetti type noodles and a macaroni product will make sure they are able to handle any of the myriad recipes for mac and cheese that live out there on the internet. For those that eat gluten free? Most GF noodles turn out GREAT in the IP!


  1. Jars of spaghetti sauce – I was skeptical when I first read that you can brown some meat and an onion, pour in sauce and some water, break noodles into the liquid, set the IP and walk away. I just did not believe it, until l tried it! Spaghetti is delicious made in the IP. What a great way to make a fast, economical meal!


  1. Cans of coconut milk – lots of popular IP recipes call for this thick and rich addition to sauces and soups. (Make sure they have a can opener, too! We will call that 9 1/2!)

  1. Spices – garlic powder, onion powder, garam masala, Italian blend – this list could go on and on…many IP recipes call for quite a bit of seasoning, so this is well worth the money to see to it that your student has a few basic spices to improve the flavor on any IP recipe.

Speaking of recipes:  you can get lost in IP recipe land. Seriously, it would now take days and days to sort through the thousands of recipes that circulate around the internet! Here are some of the very best sites for recipes…

This Old Gal

Pressure Cook Recipes



And, of course, right here at Quick and Carry we feature some easy recipes for all kinds of cooks.

It is often hard to send your young person off to college, especially for moms. Sending along an Instant Pot and some or all of these items to get them started will be one of the very nicest things you can do to make sure your college student is off to a great start. I can see them now, friends gathered in their little kitchen, drawn by the delicious aroma of spaghetti wafting down the hall…a great start to a great year!